NA Bulk Price Editor
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Easily change prices of products in bulk. Schedule flash sales, price increases, or price decreases.

NA Bulk Price Editor can be used to easily change the price (and the compare at price shown with a strike through it) of many products at once. This saves you from wasting time changing prices one by one, messing with discount codes, and messing with spreadsheets. The app allows you to run, schedule, and revert price change jobs. Update product prices using several methods and use filters to only change the prices of certain products at a time. Works with markets + international pricing!


October 27, 2020

Main Functions

  • Increase/decrease prices by percentage or flat amount (eg +10%, -$10, etc)
  • Add/remove/update compare at prices (shown with strikethrough, works on Markets)
  • Pick products or select by collection, tag, vendor, type, title, and by market
  • Schedule price changes in advance - no more last minute scrambling for sales!
  • Set prices from your own CSV file or by unit cost/margin. Apply tags to products
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