Mighty Image Uploader
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Starting $14.99/Mo


Mighty Image Uploader adds the capability to upload and crop images on the product page.

When it comes to uploading personalized image files, it’s always important to make the customization process easy and stress-free for your customers. Sometime, not only will you need to have your customers upload image files but you also need to add texts to help you complete their personalized orders. To do this, you need a simple and intuitive app, with an interface that is easy to use and follow. What you need is Mighty Image Uploader.


March 30, 2020

Main Functions

  • Unlimited image uploads & unlimited file size
  • Product Options (free or paid): checkboxes, dropdowns, text fields, etc.
  • Custom masks, shapes, grids, cropping, rotation, text fields, and much more.
  • Customize everything: Upload button, image dimensions, error messages, etc.
  • Easily access uploaded image file links attached to orders from the Admin Panel.
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