MapIt | Custom Shipping Zones
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Starting $15.0/Mo


Customize shipping zones and shipping fees on a map to get full control over the areas you ship to.

With MapIt, you can freely draw Precise areas on the map to control the display of shipping methods to users in these areas only. Furthermore, for each site, you can decide on the name and description of the way that is displayed for the users and the cost for this method, including the option to have free shipping from a specific cart value. For this app to work, you need the carrier-calculated shipping feature on your store's Shopify subscription plan. For more details contact us.


April 8, 2021

Main Functions

  • Easily draw simple or complex shipping zones on the map using your mouse
  • Create as many shipping zones as you want, all over the world
  • Display Relevant Shipping Info for each shipping zone
  • Show only the relevant shipping zones at checkout
  • Great for local shops that have unique shipping areas
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