Loyalty, Memberships, Cashback
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Loyalty, membership + referral platform allowing you to give store credit + cash back for growth

With Toki, gamify your customers’ experience with your brand with engaging activities, challenges and airdrops. See sky high activation rates by meeting the customer where they are in their journey- pre-conversion, post purchase, you name it. Customize the entire experience to fit the look and feel of your brand. Plus, Toki is the only platform that allows you to create alliances with other likeminded brands to boost your loyalty together.


January 4, 2023


Checkout, Shopify Flow, Recharge, Postscript, Klaviyo, Attentive

Main Functions

  • Paid loyalty, earned tiered loyalty or subscription incentives
  • Reward with store credit or cash back
  • Exciting activations: reward for onsite quizzes, polls, surveys, UGC + more
  • Apple Wallet Integration: Send push notifications to loyalty members without app
  • Outstanding analytics + Integrations
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