Loadify: Preloader & Speed Ups
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Loading Screen & Transitions paired with Lazy Load & Link Predict a good recipe for speed & branding

The loading screen.. Entertain your customers with a beautiful loading screen & transitions. Animate your logo, modify: size, bgr, transition type & start pos.. Lazy Load & Link Predict "TurboMode" boosts your page speeds by delaying image & video loads until the user scrolls to them + hover based link predict / preparation! Slowing down my store? No, thanks to cache technologies we were able to reduce unnecessary script loads. Once page is visited, the scripts will already be loaded!


January 8, 2020


Landing Page Builder, Review Widgets, Email Pop Ups, Translation Apps, Currency Convertors, All Theme Support

Main Functions

  • Loading screen: Put your own logo or a spicy offer while customers wait loading
  • Transitions: Butter smooth page transitions, fully customizable - no exceptions!
  • LazyLoad: Don't load media until the user scrolls to section, minify asset loads
  • Animations: Animate your static logo, make it blink, flip, spin, you name it!
  • Settings: Customize background, start positions, speeds, animations - everything
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