LangShop: Language Translation
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Translate store, add currencies and sell to customers from all over the world

LangShop is a solution for multi language translation and currency conversion. No word limits or coding skills needed. Add languages and unlimited currencies, and let LangShop do the rest. Our AI translation tool goes beyond products translation. It can translate third-party apps, images, metafields, URLs, Shopify Checkout. LangShop works with Shopify Markets, our interface looks & feels like Shopify backend. Break language barriers & maximize sales with LangShop.


September 15, 2016


Shopify Flow, ReConvert, LimeSpot, AfterShip Tracking, DeepL Translator, Google Translator, Speed & SEO Booster

Main Functions

  • Translate store manually, by AI (Google, DeepL), or by a native speaker
  • Translate images, third-party apps, checkout, URL. RTL languages (Arabic/Hebrew)
  • Create a custom switcher for buyers to shop in their local currency & language
  • Geolocation recommendation banner detects customer location, browser preference
  • Create different translations of the same language for different markets
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