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Launch a paid membership program and create benefits to boost retention and delight your customers.

Inveterate is a one-click solution for merchants to add paid membership programs to their store. Offer your customers benefits such as cash back, free shipping, and member-only discounts to keep them engaged and coming back to your shop for repeat purchases. Inveterate provides a full suite of benefits for merchants to pick and choose from, and each benefit can be customized to your specific needs. Use only the benefits you need - and configure them exactly how you want.


April 22, 2022


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Main Functions

  • Turn customers into VIPs by offering exclusive benefits through paid memberships
  • Built-in customer billing features for seamless recurring charges
  • Real first party data - own the data on your most valuable customers
  • Instantly offer discounts, cash back, and free shipping with no coding required
  • All billing is handled directly in the app - no need for 3rd party processors
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