Image Size Chart Advanced
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Starting $1.99/Mo


Upload pre-existing size chart images and display them in link to pop-up at your store products.

The Image Size Chart app provides a simple and robust way to display size charts / size guides at your Shopify Store. Upload different size chart images for different collections and separate images for mobile and desktop versions of your size chart. Our app will resize, preprocess and optimize the uploaded image charts. It is easy to use, no technical skills are required. This app does not generate size charts. They must be provided as an image / picture in a .png or .jpg format.


April 20, 2020

Main Functions

  • Provide an image / picture of your size chart in a .png or .jpg format.
  • Upload separate images for mobile and desktop versions of your size chart.
  • Customize link text, icon, link position and extra CSS styles.
  • Excellent support with 24h response time.
  • Installation and removal are safe for your theme.
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