Hyperspeed: Extreme Page Speed
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Starting $49.0/Mo


Fix your site speed with our page speed optimizer. Better Core Web Vitals boosts SEO & conversions.

Hyperspeed's advanced speed optimizer makes your store blazing fast so that you stop losing customers to slow load times. We increase your mobile speed, desktop site speed, and Core Web Vitals so that customers keep shopping. Even a couple extra seconds in page speed can hurt conversions and SEO. Our next-generation website speed optimizer improves your page speed by adding LazyLoad, critical CSS, minification, app caching, JavaScript deferral and more.


April 16, 2019


Google Lighthouse, Page Speed, Google Speed, Pagespeed Insights, Core Web Vitals, GTMetrix

Main Functions

  • Speed up your first load with LazyLoad, critical CSS and JS deferral.
  • Unlimited image compression to stop images from hurting page speed.
  • Our app cache speed booster reduces the impact of third party Shopify apps.
  • Automatic monitoring reduces the impact of new apps and images on store speed.
  • Make your site as small as possible with JS and CSS minification.
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