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Accelerate headless development with all the tooling you need for production-ready storefronts.

Fast-track your storefront build with Hydrogen, our React-based headless commerce stack—now built on the open-source Remix framework. Optimized for performance with advancements like Optimistic UI, nested routes and progressive enhancement. Unlock new levels of productivity with starter templates, pre-built components, hooks, utilities all mapped to Shopify APIs. Then deploy at no cost on Oxygen, our global hosting solution.


June 6, 2022


Sanity, Klaviyo, Builder.io, Algolia, Nosto, Contentful

Main Functions

  • Use ready-to-build commerce components that map to Storefront API resources
  • Build efficiently with in-IDE linting, TypeScript, and IntelliSense support
  • Render at the edge for faster performance, flexible caching, and built-in SEO
  • Integrate third-party apps, build with any React framework, and host anywhere
  • Push-to-deploy support with Oxygen, Shopify’s globally distributed hosting layer
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