HeiChat‑ChatGPT Chatbot
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Starting $19.9/Mo


Provide 24/7 Online Support Bot.Help Track Order. According Customer Needs,Recommend Products.

A customer service chatbot based on the corresponding model of ChatGPT (GPT-3.5) For "Where is my order" can be helpful in checking and responding accurately. Can take over the job of real human customer service and recommend up to 500 products in the store. Support to answer store sales policies, store shipping policies. No need to set up workflows or trigger words, the configuration is simple. Use knowledge base and correction to train a customer service robot exclusively for your store.


April 26, 2023

Main Functions

  • Available 24/7, supports 70+ languages.including:EN、ES、ZH、FR、DE、AR、JA、RU.
  • For "Where is my order" can be helpful in checking and responding accurately.
  • Upload PDF/TXT files to chatbot's knowledge base and train your own AI.
  • No developers or API keys needed, deployable upon installation.
  • Allow customers to submit tickets,store owner will receive email notifications.
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