GoWise: AI Product Description
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SEO optimizer with AI-generated product descriptions in Bulk. Fine-tuned with ChatGPT

Transform your product listings with GoWise's ChatGPT AI, optimized for SEO. Our platform generates multiple descriptions for each product, ensuring unique and professional content that resonates with your target audience. With autowrite accurate meta tags and advanced AI optimization techniques, GoWise significantly improves local SEO to increase online visibility and drive more traffic to your store. Say goodbye to tedious description writing - use the power of GoWise's AI technology today!


June 24, 2022

Main Functions

  • SEO keyword-focused descriptions by AI based on your product and store category
  • Perfect ChatGPT templates for descriptions: tagline, body, and key-features
  • Write descriptions for multiple products in seconds with the Bulk feature
  • English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and ...
  • Descriptions in formal/informal tones with focus on keywords. Live chat support
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