Force Translate Anything Adv.
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Translate hard-coded words or sentences in the front-end of your store.

Force Translate Anything app will help you when translation fields for a text are not available in "Edit Languages" menu in "Customize". Forcefully translate any text snippet on the front-end of your store, even those added by other Apps. Your custom word-by-word translations will be applied to every public page (except Checkout) of your store. The app uses JavaScript to translate text after the page is fully loaded. Despite not being an ideal solution, it will be sufficient in most cases.


December 16, 2019

Main Functions

  • Translate hard-coded texts on any of your Shopify Store public pages.
  • Translate text that is not available in "Edit Languages" menu in "Customize".
  • Translate input field placeholder text.
  • Translate problematic "Buy it now" button.
  • Installation and removal are safe for your theme.
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