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Starting $19.99/Mo


Create complex, flexible customer journeys and theme personalization. Write in Liquid, HTML and JS.

FieldsRaven is built to make on-the-fly data collection on Shopify as simple as possible, to help you unlock the full potential of your Shopify theme. The idea is simple, FieldsRaven opens up Metafields API on the storefront through Shopify app proxy so you may take full advantage of creating (or updating) metafields on the storefront. Metafields open a lot of possibilities, now with the flexibility of creating them on-the-fly from the storefront, the sky's the limit.


February 4, 2022


Klaviyo, Airtable

Main Functions

  • Create and update metafields on the storefront (simple & secure)
  • Write in Liquid, HTML, JS and we'll handle what's under the hood!
  • Create flexible customer journeys and theme personalization on top of metafields
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