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Easily add multiple Facebook and Tiktok pixels. Unlimited Server-side events tracking

Infinitepixels tracking is a powerful app that allows you to install multiple Facebook and Tiktok pixels code on your website and use unlimited server side tracking for all your pixel. With this app, you can easily track your website visitors and analyze their behavior, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your ad tracking. We integrate with all Shopify themes so that you can never miss a single sale even outside of Shopify.


April 12, 2023


Checkout, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Event Manager, Tiktok Pixel, Tiktok Event Manager, FB Server Side Events, Tiktok Server Side Events

Main Functions

  • Integrate server side tracking for Facebook and TikTok
  • Add multiple FB and TikTok pixels as backup, collection and niche tag
  • Bypass iOS 14+ and ad blocks with server side tracking
  • Add pixel to your website without account connection and authentication
  • Tracks events like view product, add to cart, initiate checkout, purchases
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