EZ Bulk Edit Descriptions
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Starting $4.98/Mo


A bulk editor to easily bulk edit product descriptions. View and edit product descriptions in bulk.

Do you need to bulk edit dozens, hundreds, or thousands of production descriptions? Then this is the app for you! The default Shopify bulk editor for products doesn't have a way to bulk edit product descriptions. That's why you need to install an app to bulk edit product descriptions, and this is the app that does exactly that! You can save many hours by having an efficient app for bulk editing product descriptions. That allows you to focus on your business instead of tedious manual editing.


February 9, 2023

Main Functions

  • Fast support. Can build custom features. Responses in 24 hours if not 1-2 hours
  • Search and replace images, bullet points, numbered lists, large amounts of text
  • Filter products by product title, vendor, tags, collection ID for bulk editing
  • Can replace all, append to all, or prepend to all product descriptions.
  • Can use variables (e.g. {product_title}) to personalize each product description
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