Extendons Direct Checkout
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Starting $1.99/Mo


Enhance customer's shopping experience with Fast Checkout- Buy it Now button & maximize sales

Direct Checkout- Buy it Now Button App is useful for enhancing the user shopping experience with the animated modern designed checkout button. Buy it now button bypass the cart and redirects to the checkout page. Instant Checkout display in multiple locations in stores helps to maximize store conversions and sales. This saves an extra ordering step in the buying process and offers your audience a superior, easier mobile web responsive. One-click easy setup with multiple customization options.


August 24, 2023

Main Functions

  • Instantly Redirect customers to direct checkout & Buy it Now Button
  • Hide Defualt add to cart and buy it now button in single click
  • Customize Direct Checkout & Buy it Now Button with Variety of Animations & Color
  • Rename Direct Checkout - Buy it Now Button With Custom Text Display Anywhere
  • Redirect to External Url Apply on Specific Products Collection & Pages
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