Essential Trust Badges & Icons
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Showcase your product features and store guarantees with icons and trust badge banners.

Essential Icon & Trust Badge Banners - elevate your Shopify store's visual appeal and build trust with your customers. It's easy to select your preferred colors, fonts, and banner placement on your product page, or any custom location. Plus, you can upload your own custom icons to make your store stand out even more. Boost your website's credibility and drive sales with a variety of icons and banners, including trust badges, sale banners, return & shipping badges, payment icons, and guarantees.


June 2, 2023

Main Functions

  • Icon & trust badges banner library: diverse options for features and guarantees
  • Banner customization: edit size, font, & color to match brand identity
  • Flexible placement: add banners to product pages, or any custom location
  • Upload your own icons: personalize your store with unique guarantee icons
  • Responsive design: preview & optimize on any device with top support
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