Essential Free Shipping Upsell
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Boost sales and AOV (average order value) by displaying a free shipping progress bar and upsell.

Boost your sales and AOV by setting up an unlimited number of different free shipping bars. Choose between multiple cart value goals to motivate your buyers to add more products to the cart. It can be free shipping, discount code, or anything else you can think of. Our Essential Free Shipping progress bar comes with integrated product page upsell & cross sell, as well as, cart upsell & cross-sell functionality. Increase AOV by adding a product upsell to your free shipping progress bar.


June 3, 2022

Main Functions

  • Cart page and cart drawer free shipping progress bars + product upsells.
  • Product page free shipping progress bar + product upsell & cross-sell.
  • Free shipping announcement bar on the top or the bottom of any page.
  • Increase average order value by adding a product upsell to a free shipping bar.
  • Free shipping bar is highly customizable and supports Online Store 2.0 themes.
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