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Collect & display product reviews & star ratings by Voice to Text IVR. Boost trust & sales with UGC.

EpicApp helps you collect MUCH MORE product reviews by asking customers to "SPEAK" the review instead of "TYPING" them. Reviews are collected via scheduled automated IVR calls (more than 63 languages supported) & then converted into text, using Speech to Text AI tech. Display actual recorded voice review of customer alongside converted text review for trust, transparency & social proof. Fully customizable & fast loading widgets. More reviews help bring more sales hence more profit. Go EPIC now!


May 10, 2023

Main Functions

  • Buyers hate TYPING. We ask them to SPEAK the review & then use Voice to Text AI
  • Collect UGC voice product reviews using auto IVR calls in more than 63 languages
  • Show actual voice recording & text transcription together to boost trust & sales
  • Import existing reviews in minutes. Collect reviews for past orders as well.
  • Send unlimited review emails if IVR fails. Get notification for negative reviews
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