Edited‑Bulk Product Management
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Bulk Product Price Change and Edit SEO Attributes to Get More Clients to Your Store

With Edited, Shopify store owners can easily change the prices of their products in bulk, adjusting them by % or amount, updating product prices based on compare-at-price and cost-per-item, and even rounding them up or down. Additionally, Edited offers the ability to update a product's SEO attributes in bulk, including editing meta titles, meta descriptions, and URL handles. Users can also utilize templates to create meta tags automatically, making the process even more streamlined.


December 25, 2020

Main Functions

  • Change prices by % or amount. Apply discounts or start sale
  • Manage product SEO Attributes: titles, meta descriptions, and human URLs
  • Use built-in templates for easy Shopify bulk changes
  • Use filters to change only the needed Shopify product groups or collections
  • Revert Shopify price changes in one click and run a sale on Shopify easily
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