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Stop unwanted buyers. Block by email/phone/name, location, and sneaky bots.

Easyban is an all-in-one app designed to help online store owners enhance their site's security and performance. With Easyban, merchants can block unwanted visitors by email/phone/name, country/city/IP, or whitelist IPs. Bot filtering, web content protection, and geolocation redirects protect against unwanted traffic and malicious activity. Automated order management saves time and prevents fraudulent transactions. Easyban is a must-have tool for merchants looking to protect their store.


January 24, 2022

Main Functions

  • Block unwanted visitors from visiting your store before they place an order
  • Block visitors from specific countries/states/cities, whitelist is availble
  • Block visitors from specific IPs/IP Ranages; set IP whitelist for exception
  • Detect and Block / Redirect traffic from Bots, Crawlers, Tor, VPN and Proxies
  • Detailed visitor log analysis with complete information and actions
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