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Transform your preorder sales strategy with DC Preorders. Streamline pre-sales and backorders today!

DC Preorder simplifies pre-orders, backorders, and B2B pre-sales. Set up pre-order options for out-of-stock items and increase revenue. Manage your inventory levels with ease, handle complex ordering scenarios, and delight your customers with a streamlined shopping experience. you can set up pre-order products with different variants, and even specify different pre-order dates for each variant. Perfect for businesses of all sizes, try the DC Preorder app today and start maximizing your sales.


May 10, 2022


Checkout,Shopify POS, Shopify Flow, Infinite options, Product options, Custom swatches, Simple Bundles, Freshly inventory

Main Functions

  • Set up pre-orders and B2B pre-sales to increase revenue and maximize sales
  • Manage your inventory levels, streamline inventory and never miss a sale again
  • Streamline your pre-order process in one easy-to-use platform
  • Handle complex ordering scenarios, including different ship dates and variants
  • Take orders from your wholesale customers before products hit the market


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