Cozy AntiTheft
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Protect your store content, images and texts from being stolen with a few simple clicks.

It is hard to create original content for your stores, browsers make it very easy to download and the next thing you know, someone else is using your images to improve their sales. Also, search engines like Google value original content. If your content is found to be duplicated, your ranking will be dropped significantly. This is where our Cozy Antitheft app shines. The app will protect your original text or images from being stolen. The app makes it harder to steal content from your store.


September 26, 2018

Main Functions

  • Disable Right-Click, Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Disable Drag and Drop
  • Disable Page Printing from Browser
  • Disable Console and Developer Tools in Browser Window
  • Only a few toggles required to enable protection on the store
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