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Create shoppable links and bundles that will allow you to sell anywhere where your customers are.

Don’t lose potential sales to people browsing your shop aimlessly - send them straight to what you want them to buy with a 1-click checkout link and present offers and bundles that will convert them into customers. Fewer steps means less friction and increases the chance of visitors converting into paying customers. Forget about complicated page builders and expensive landing pages - create a shoppable link with Checkout Links in minutes!


September 7, 2022


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Main Functions

  • Create links & bundles with ease and use them to sell anywhere your audience are
  • Send customers straight to checkout, beautiful landing pages or custom carts
  • Track links with UTM-tags or the platform of your choice with custom scripts
  • Sell directly on the platforms where your customers spend a lot of time
  • Share links on socials, in newsletters, when chatting or offline with QR codes
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