Category Breadcrumbs
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Starting $5.0/Mo


Category Breadcrumbs shows your customers a complete breadcrumb on collection and product pages.

When your customers land on your store, they don't always land on the home page. In fact, if they've found your store on a search engine, generally they arrive on a product or collection. Category Breadcrumbs shows them where they are. It shows how the current collection fits into the hierarchy of well-categorised products on your store. It adds JSON-LD, so that search engines also get a clearer picture of how your store is organised. Help your great catalogue of products get discovered!


October 17, 2016

Main Functions

  • Categorise to make your products easier to find (browse for) and discover
  • Get category-based breadcrumbs from your existing standard Shopify 'Navigation'
  • Add clear breadcrumbs and JSON-LD for each collection in your category tree
  • Simply drag-and-drop in 2.0 themes, or for older 1.0 themes code in an embed
  • Supports themes 2.0, long-form URLs and even short-form URLs with metafields
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