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Starting $9.95/Mo


Automate store and keep your dropshipping business thriving based on Artificial Intelligence.

With Cartifind, you can easily import products from vetted dropshipping suppliers to your store. It becomes efficient for you to find affordable, high-quality products from reliable sourcing with customized filters. Manage and fulfill your orders easily with Cartifind by importing all selected products to your web store with one click, so you can free your hands, and focus on other aspects of your business with semi-automated sourcing and fulfilling processes.


December 22, 2022


Temu, Etsy 1688, Shein, aliexpress alibaba, openai chatgpt, Amazon Dsers AutoDS

Main Functions

  • Product Search: Pick products from top vetted suppliers based on reviews.
  • Import By URL: One click to import AliExpress, Temu, Amazon, Shein products SKU.
  • OpenAI: Generate unique, and compelling product title and descriptions by AI.
  • Orders Management: Manage and fulfill orders easily and semi-automatically.
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