Bulk Price Editor Pro
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Bulk edit prices, schedule sales & rollback anytime. Save time with automation.

The Price Editor enables you to precisely edit prices for products & variants in bulk. Modify prices for thousands of products within minutes & confidently schedule bulk sales. With the rule-based editor, you can easily select variants based on various criteria such as collection, tag, vendor, product type etc. Edit an unlimited number of products at an affordable rate. Rollback anytime. With the Bulk Price Changer, scheduling bulk sales, flash sales, and bulk discounts is a breeze.


June 12, 2020

Main Functions

  • Bulk Edit Price, Compare Price & Cost Price on Unlimited Products.
  • Advanced ruled based product selection. Add multiple conditions.
  • Fixed or Percent based Markup/Markdown. Round-off options.
  • Execute Real-time or Schedule for Future. Rollback Anytime. Set Recurring Tasks.
  • Built for Speed. Double Check Mechanism. Full Monitoring. Privacy by Design.
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