Bulk Edit Mojo
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Starting $4.99/Mo


Streamline your product management, SEO optimization, and automatic tagging of products and orders.

Within a single app you'll find multiple features focused on saving your team huge amounts of time by making common store management tasks easy and effective. Unlimited product edits, unlimited scheduled tasks, unlimited images SEO optimizations, merge unlimited product filters. Run tasks on multiple shops at once.


March 7, 2022



Main Functions

  • Bulk edit product information such as tags, types, description, vendor & prices
  • Schedule tasks at desired time and intervals (once, daily, or weekly)
  • Automatically tag selected products or orders with tags or metafields
  • Optimize SEO and performance: URLs, meta tags, image filenames, alt text, size
  • Product filters: Merge similar option values into fewer, coherent options
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