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Starting $7.0/Mo


Display clean navigation guides for the user to easily browse through your shop and improve SEO.

Drag and place the breadcrumb component where you want it to appear in your shop. Works with Catalog pages, Product pages, Blog articles, Collection pages, etc. This is great for SEO. And enhancing user experience. Also, you can chat with us anytime for custom requirements. Also supports setting up via custom CSVs.


March 6, 2023



Main Functions

  • Incredibly fast. Zero hit to your shop performance. Parallel technology.
  • Increase your User retention by helping customers navigate easily.
  • Experience a powerful & insanely fast helpdesk and support.
  • Setup unlimited levels via CSV file. And link articles/blog pages with products.
  • Works with custom landing page builders like GemPages, PageFly, etc.
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