BundleBuilder: Custom Bundles
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Starting $24.99/Mo


Boost the average order value of your store by creating custom product bundles and gift boxes.

Create bespoke bundles and gift boxes tailored to your customers' preferences, with BoxBuilder - the ultimate app for creating personalized product bundles and gift boxes. Customize the number of steps, minimum product requirements, discount tiers, messaging, and even match the builder's style to your brand. The customizations are truly limitless. BoxBuilder empowers your e-commerce store to drive higher average order values and create a memorable shopping experience.


September 17, 2020

Main Functions

  • Create bundles the way you want by adjusting the price and applying discounts
  • Allow customers to filter items by collections or product titles in each step
  • Create discounts in the bundle that can be layered with other Shopify discounts
  • Choose from two builder layouts and customize them with infinite styling options
  • Add forms to your bundle where customers can add text, upload images, etc.
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