Blocky: Fraud Country Blocker
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Reduce fraud and block IP addresses, countries, bots and scammers who use Proxy/VPN connections

Blocky allows you to easily block visitors by their IP address (including ranges) and geolocation country. Blocky's powerful Bot Blocker can reduce fraud, filter and block bots, scammers & spytools that use VPN/proxy connections. Blocky also supports geolocation redirects to other URLs & domains and can provide you with insightful metrics about your store visitors, including the IP address of your visitors, their browser type and approximate geolocation.


April 7, 2021

Main Functions

  • Country Blocker: Block visitors from specific countries and continents
  • IP Blocker: Block specific customers by their IP address or IP address range
  • Bot Blocker: Reduce fraud, block bots who use suspicious Proxy/VPN connections
  • Visitor Analytics: See the IP address, geolocation country & browser of visitors
  • Geolocation Redirects: Automatically redirect visitors to other domain/URL
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