Blockify ‑ Fraud IP Blocker
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Starting $5.99/Mo


Reduce fraud and block IP addresses, states, countries, bots, and scammers who use proxy or VPN

Block & Redirect Visitors based on their geolocation, IP addresses, secure your site by blocking all VPN & Proxy connections. Visitor analytics allows tracking the web traffic history to gain insights into visitors' risk levels. You can verify access, identify fraud IP, view potential risks to make decisions, and enhance your site's security. Block access for hackers, spam bots, spytools to reduce scam orders and false metrics.


March 13, 2018

Main Functions

  • Block IP address, IP range, regions & countries to focus on authentic customers
  • Visitor Analytics keeps you informed of who is visiting your sites
  • Content Lock ensures your valuable content safe
  • Block competitors from copying your text and photos, preserving your creativity
  • Avoid stalkers, prevent frauds and trespassers, and minimize scam orders
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