B2B Handsfree
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Customizable B2B registration form with EU VAT ID validation and invoicing app integration.

The customizable B2B registration form includes real-time EU VAT ID validation and fields for company name, address, phone, etc. Customers who register through B2B Handsfree can be set to tax exempt and tagged for easy creation of customer groups, special pricing (using additional apps), and more. Include your customers' VAT IDs in invoices using the direct integrations with popular invoicing apps like Sufio, Billbee, Order Printer Templates, and others.


October 9, 2018


Sufio, Billbee, Order Printer, Order Printer Templates

Main Functions

  • Customizable B2B registration form with VAT ID validation.
  • Automatically tag and set foreign EU B2B customers to tax exempt.
  • Include customer VAT ID in invoices in Order Printer, Billbee, Sufio and others.
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