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Starting $37.0/Mo


Integration with online marketplaces Amazon, ebay, Etsy. Synch stock, list items, import orders

Streamline your sales with ease! Export your Shopify products to Amazon, eBay, and Etsy marketplaces through the Shopify UI. With fully configurable features, you have complete control over your product exports - including custom-defined prices and quantity. And with seamless order import, fulfillment, stock level, and price synchronizations, you'll always be in the loop. Take your sales to the next level with our custom price template and access to 16 Amazon and 22 eBay marketplaces.


November 5, 2020


Amazon, Ebay, Etsy

Main Functions

  • Order import — all your amazon, ebay, etsy orders imported to Shopify store
  • Export products – export Shopify products to online marketplaces
  • Synchronization — flexible stock and price synchronization
  • Global - make products available on all available Amazon and eBay marketplaces
  • Automating - automating processes: new products export, fulfillments transfer
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