AI Speed + SEO Optimizations
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Starting $29.97/Mo


Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Optimize Your Site Speed & Performance.

Harness the power of AI and data to boost your Shopify store's performance. AI Speed offers AI-driven optimizations that deliver faster loading times, resulting in improved conversions and increased sales. Benefit from seamless site performance and optimized SEO - it's engineering excellence at its best. Try AI Speed today, and let the data speak for itself. AI Speed - the data-backed choice for your Shopify store's success. Time to join the AI revolution.


September 30, 2019

Main Functions

  • Image Optimization: AI-driven optimization for lighter, yet high-quality images.
  • Lazy Load: AI-boosted load speed, ensuring a swift and smooth user experience.
  • Defer: Intelligent loading, courtesy of AI, streamlines site functionality.
  • App Analytics: Precise AI analysis identifies and rectifies performance issues.
  • Minify: AI-enhanced JavaScript minimization boosts site performance.
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