Tiger Tools Supply is a family business founded in 2015.

  • A bespoke design on Shopify was created for a high-quality industrial products website featuring more than 250,000 product variants.

Tiger Tool Supply X Ecommerce Pro

  • A website featuring high-quality industrial products for both industrial and individual customers. Tiger Tool Supply was originally founded on a different platform and was finally migrated to Shopify by Ecommerce Pro.

  • Given the number and complexity of their products, Ecommerce Pro upgraded the user experience with advanced search functionality, wholesale pricing, and payment options. Bespoke design with quick add to cart options and predictive search. The website theme was designed and optimized for large product catalogs.

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Why Advanced Filters & Search feature is important?

  • Advanced filters and search are ideal for websites that have a large number of products or offer complex products that require filters. Customers tend to find their products using filters by eliminating irrelevant searches.

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