Sticky Footer

Make your website look like an APP.


  • What does it do?

    A fixed navigation menu allows your website to look like an app on a mobile device. This feature increases visitors' confidence as they scroll up and down on your page, giving them a sense of control while interacting with your website.

  • How do I get started?

    You choose a color for your menu, 4 main categories to be displayed, and 4 icons. 2 mockups will be shared based on your recommendation and our UX team. After approving the design. Our developers will install your sticky footer. You will be able to adjust the color and other features on your own.

Experience the power of an entire platform behind you.


  • ✔ Conversion

    Improves mobile user experience and increases conversions through clear CTA buttons.

  • ✔ Navigation

    Provides easy access to any product, collection, page, link, or content on your website.

  • ✔ Custom

    The color, size, icons, pages titles and more are customs based on your needs.

  • ✔ Cost Effective

  • Ecommerce Pro | A Top-rated Shopify Experts Agency based in Canada.

Sticky footers are best for actionable websites and long pages

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