NEO theme documentation

How to Install NEO Theme?

Once you purchase the theme, you will receive a ZIP downloadable file. You have to download the link and upload on Shopify.

How to edit Homepage Slider?

You can access that through the customizer. On your Shopify backend, click on ONLINE STORE > CUSTOMIZE.

How to Edit the Minimum Order Quantity & Value features?

On your Customizer, Go to Theme Settings then Click on B2B.

How to Hide Prices on NEO Theme?

On the Featured Product sections, you can find a setting to "Hide Price", this is also available on Product Page and Collection Page.

How to access Theme files?

On your Shopify account, click on ONLINE STORE, then right click on the theme to View Code.

How to modify NEO Theme colors?

On the theme customizer, you will have the option to edit color under the "Theme Settings" tab.