A flexible and fashionable Premium theme setup on Shopify Plus.

  • A premier online boutique startup that designs bows & clothing for children.

Features & Functionalities

  • Responsive Premium Theme

    Little Loper's website was designed using a flexible and fashionable Shopify premium theme that keep customers shopping and maximize product awareness.

  • Powerful Promotional Tools

    Designed with all features needed for the store to suceed with Quick-view, Slide-out cart and Enhanced search features to improve Little Loper's overall website user experience.

  • Product Bundles

    Product Bundles is one of the most effient upselling techqniues for stores that sells combination of multiple products. A feature that increases AOV (Average Order Value) on your website.

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Little Loper's X Ecommerce Pro

  • Ecommerce Pro was hired to redesign and setup Little Loper's online store's content and features. Working with a competitive landscape to establish context and benchmarks.

  • -Context and benchmarks on how Little Lopers new website should function on Shopify Plus. A flexible and fashionably designed website theme.

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About Product Bundles

  • What are Product Bundles?

    Product bundle is a combination of different products or services that are sold to customers as one combined package and with a discounted rate.

  • Why Product Bundles are important?

    It enables you to increase the average order value for your customers by allowing them to purchase 2 or more at a discount price vs purchasing 1 single item.

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