Host Supply Co, is a startup company specializing in Airbnb guest necessities.

  • A Shopify theme web setup with a seamless user experience.

Features & Functionalities

  • Powerful Promotional Tools

    The website theme offers powerful, features and designed to incentivize sales. A theme that is made to convert mobile traffic with the Quick view and Add-to-cart features.

  • Responsive Premium Theme

    Host Supply Co's website was designed with an ecommerce Shopify theme made to grow audience and sell with finesse.

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Host Supply Co X Ecommerce Pro

  • Host Supply Co is a company offering necessity products for Airbnb guests. It all started with an Airbnb host and a beautiful 100-year-old heritage home on the east coast, a few steps away from the Atlantic Ocean. 

    Ecommerce Pro was hired to establish its online presence with a Premium Theme on Shopify. We understood their business, customer behavior and expectations, and how their website will factor into all of it.

  • It gave us the foundation to move forward with the right theme to develop the Host Supply Co website with Shopify.

    A theme that has all-in-one features, designed to convert mobile traffic, with a one-click add-to-cart feature, developed with best-in-class performance techniques. A premium theme designed to grow an ecommerce store’s audience.

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  • “Ecommerce Pro was incredible to work with. From start to finish the team was prompt and professional. Ecommerce Pro took the stress out of the build and was there for me every step of the way. No request was too much and every issue I brought to them was handled with ease."

    Aaron J., Founder of Host Supply Co

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