Loyalty and Rewards

  • FreshCredit ‑ Store Credit

    4.3 (101)

    Keep more store revenue by offering cash based store credit

    FreshCredit is store credit for Shopify. Up until now shop owners had to navigate a complex... Learn More

    Starting $15.0/Mo


  • Diller Loyalty

    5.0 (7)

    Put your loyalty program on autopilot!

    Diller® is a loyalty platform that boosts customer retention. Marketing automation empowers you to easily set up personalized, revenue-boosting SMS... Learn More

    Free Plan Available


    No Reviews

    Transform Customer Loyalty Strategy with POPcoins: In-Funnel Integration, Rewards, In-depth Analysis

    POPcoins will boost your customer loyalty program with the best-in-class integration in your sales funnel,... Learn More

    Free Plan Available

  • Alia: Conversion & Engagement

    5.0 (12)

    Engage, reward, and convert more visitors with interactive lessons and customer surveys.

    Create interactive lessons that reward users for engaging with and learning about your brand.... Learn More

    Free Plan Available

  • Gratitude CashBack & Rewards

    5.0 (2)

    Supercharge your brand's social proof by collecting UGC Reels in exchange for Gratitude CashBack.

    Get social proof and engagement with the Gratitude CashBack & Rewards app.... Learn More

    Free Plan Available

  • uLoyal: Loyalty and Referrals

    5.0 (8)

    uLoyal: Reach your customers, with great offers, at the opportune moment, with flawless campaigns

    Achieve increased CUSTOMER RETENTION, CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT, and VALUABLE DATA for a competitive... Learn More

    Free Plan Available

  • Friendbuy: Referrals & Loyalty

    5.0 (1)

    Increase customer acquisition and retention with best-in-class referral and loyalty programs

    Acquire new customers at a jaw-droppingly low CPA through word-of-mouth referrals, and increase customer retention... Learn More

    Free Plan Available

  • Hoora: Loyalty & Referrals

    3.0 (4)

    Create loyalty and referral programs. Hoora helps you boost your sales and get more customers.

    With Hoora, you can attract customers, care for loyal customers, and... Learn More

    Free Plan Available

  • Shopwaive

    4.9 (7)

    Boost Growth with Klaviyo Email & SMS Flows. Increase Revenue with Tapcart, Zapier, and Topups.

    With Shopwaive's AI-based credit accounting platform, increase revenue with high-converting checkout... Learn More

    Free Plan Available

  • easyPoints

    4.0 (21)

    A rewards program that simply works – start leveraging loyalty and fuel your e-commerce growth!

    Unleash the power of loyalty with easyPoints. Integrate your loyalty program... Learn More

    Free Plan Available

  • CreditsYard — Store Credit

    4.8 (16)

    Issue store credit & cashback to your customers that can be used to process refunds or reward.

    Issue store credit to your customers that can be... Learn More

    Starting $20.0/Mo


  • Roster: Ambassador Marketing

    5.0 (5)

    Create a brand ambassador community. Engage your most passionate fans to drive awareness and sales.

    Roster’s ambassador marketing platform enables brands to scale word-of-mouth, driving greater... Learn More

    Starting $624.0/Mo


  • Novel: Wallet Pass for Brands

    5.0 (15)

    +3X repeat purchase & +10X referral revenue

    Apple and Google wallet passes for your brand. Effortless setup, launch in minutes.

    Learn More

    Free Plan Available


  • Referral & Affiliate : Shopjar

    5.0 (6)

    Boost sales with referral & affiliate marketing. Launch referral, affiliate & ambassador programs

    Boost sales with an All-in-One Referral & Affiliate Marketing app, tailor-made to increase... Learn More

    Free Plan Available

  • Webplanex: Cashback Wallet

    4.7 (22)

    A unique way to engage and encourage customers to more purchase. Boost Sales & Engagements.

    Cashback Rewards app will not only encourage the customers’ engagement in... Learn More

    Free Plan Available


  • Acorn: Reward Your Influencers

    5.0 (15)

    Reward ambassadors who refer sales and post on Instagram. Motivate influencers to drive sales.

    Merchants use Acorn to reward brand ambassadors when ambassadors post on Instagram,... Learn More

    Free Plan Available


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