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Shopify App Comparison Tool: How to Pick the Best Shopify Apps for Your Store

Nov 14, 2023 - 7 min readby Bella Piccioli

Choosing apps for your Shopify store can be challenging, especially when you consider the fact that the Shopify App Store has thousands of apps, all of which are designed to provide some form of additional functionality to your Shopify online store, helping you run a better ecommerce business.

But with all the apps you can find on Shopify’s App Store, the question is, how to pick the best Shopify apps for your store? While you can indeed browse through the various apps and try to determine what apps will work best with your online business, it pays off to do research as well as to use the clever resources that are freely available to you.

In this article by Ecommerce Pro, we’re helping you learn how to evaluate the best Shopify apps for your online business, as well as unveiling our FREE Shopify App Comparison Tool, the easiest and most effective way to find the perfect Shopify App for your store.

First, we introduce Ecommerce Pro’s Free Shopify App Comparison Tool, before diving into the factors you need to consider to make good app choices.


Explore Ecommerce Pro’s FREE Shopify App Comparison Tool right now and discover the best Shopify apps for your online store.


Ecommerce Pro’s Free Shopify App Comparison Tool

Ecommerce Pro has developed a new and completely free tool which is the easiest and most effective way to find the perfect Shopify App for your store. Our Free Shopify App Comparison Tool on our website is a completely free tool that can be used by any Shopify merchant, expert, and store owner to compare different Shopify apps easily.

There are a handful of websites that talk about Shopify apps, but this tool allows you to compare Shopify apps side by side, helping you easily make better decisions in select the best Shopify app for your store.

With this Free Shopify app comparison tool, select your app category and start comparing Shopify apps based on important factors like:

  • Review scores
  • Free trial availability
  • Starting Price
  • Features & more

You can look for Shopify apps based on categories, and find the best-performing apps for you.


Using the tool is easy and straightforward:

1. You start by selecting the app category or simply use the search function.

2. You select the top Shopify apps you'd like to compare by clicking on the Compare button.

3. Once you've selected up to 4 Shopify apps, click on Compare Application and start comparing.

The free tool makes comparing Shopify Apps a breeze, helping you put multiple apps side by side, so you can identify the features and functions you really need for your store.


Explore our Free Shopify App Comparison Tool to find the best Shopify apps for your Shopify online store today.


How to Evaluate Shopify Apps?

Choosing the best Shopify apps for your store also comes down to knowing what factors to look out for in evaluating apps. When we shop around for apps, we don’t just go with the first few apps we find. In fact, indiscriminately downloading any app into your Shopify store can cause more problems than it can fix.

Instead, we evaluate and compare an apps price, description, customer reviews, and the support provided by the app’s developers.

Below, we go into the details on what you should look out for when comparing Shopify apps for your online store:


Shopify App Selection Considerations:


1. Price: Budget vs. Value

One of the first things most people tend to notice when looking for apps is the price. The Shopify App Store has a lot of free-for-life apps that you can download. While these free apps are appealing and might make you think that downloading them will save you money in the long run, it may be best to prioritize solving your problem or adding that much-needed functionality to your store by considering efficiency over cost. When considering the price of apps, it may not be best to stick exclusively to what is free. Instead, assess your budget and choose wisely based on value and on the functions and rate of efficiency your store needs.


2. App Descriptions Are Marketing

After price, the next natural thing to check is the app description, which will give you more details and insight as to what the app really does and the functions that you can expect. From the app description, you can see videos, screenshots, as well as written details that serve to inform you more about the app. It's also important to remember that these resources also serve as marketing tools for the app developers, marketing tools designed to prompt you to download their app. Try to look behind the marketing thrall and focus instead on the developer’s and the app’s true capabilities.


3. Reviews Unveil Genuine Insight

A critical factor in choosing the best Shopify apps for your online store is the reviews. One should not download a Shopify app without first consulting with previous user’s experiences.

Shopify only allows reviews from users who have downloaded an app, meaning that reviews on the Shopify App Store are full of genuine insights from real users. When you reach the stage of perusing reviews, we suggest you consider the high-rating comments as well as the low-rating ones. Both of these will give you valuable insight into the performance of the app as well as the commitment of the app developers.

Here’s how you should read star reviews on Shopify:

  • 1-2-star reviews: Focus on how developers respond to issues in 1-star and 2-star reviews. This reflects long-term commitment.
  • 3-star Reviews: Skimming 3-star reviews are great for setting expectations, as these are mid-line ratings that offer both the good and the bad.  3-star ratings often give insights into how well the app aligns with users' business needs and expectations.
  • 4-star and 5-star Reviews: Reading the highest rating reviews provide a wealth of insight as well, as happy customers giving 4 and 5-star reviews often highlight the best of the app, and even give insight to the app's unadvertised features.

Of course, in your search for the best Shopify Apps for your online store, its always best to stick with apps that have a high rating, reflecting overall user satisfaction.


4. App Support Matters

Underneath the review section, you’ll find more details about the developers of the app, including how many apps the developer has on Shopify and their average rating. Also in this section, you’ll find support details and FAQs. Check the support section and get a feel for the kind of support you can expect from an app developer. When it comes to Shopify Apps, great support indicates a commitment to resolving any issues you might come across on the app.


5. Developer’s Website

An extra step is to go ahead and explore the developer's website for insights into their background and their commitment to providing great services through their apps. You’ll also be able to find their website underneath the review section.

You’ll usually find that developer’s websites provide so much more insight into their apps compared to the app store. On developers’ sites, you can get a glimpse into their app build standards, and support protocols, and get insights into their team. A committed developer is key to a great and successful Shopify app experience.



Making an informed decision is a big factor when it comes to selecting the best apps for your Shopify business. Thankfully, navigating the vast resources of Shopify apps is no longer a daunting task, thanks to Ecommerce Pro's Free Shopify App Comparison Tool.

We continue to emphasize the importance of a thorough exploration into Shopify apps, and with this tool, app selection becomes simplified, as you can compare prices, review scores, features, and more, helping you conduct the thorough and educated evaluation you need to do in order to find the best apps for your online store.

The journey to finding the perfect Shopify app is now streamlined, ensuring that users can optimize their online stores efficiently and effectively.

Explore the Free Shopify App Comparison Tool today and elevate your Shopify online store experience.


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Published on November 14, 2023

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