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Ecommerce Product Categories Booming in 2021

Ecommerce Product Categories Booming in 2021

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While many elements of the past year were unpredictable due to the tide turning global health crisis, the “new normal”, as we call it, has brought on new trends and changes into consumer lives that are worth noting. As any entrepreneur and sharp-eyed opportunist knows, a crisis creates new problems for people that you can turn into a business opportunity, providing people with solutions to their new needs.

One way to get yourself started on the search for products to sell in your online store this year is to always keep an eye out for the trends. Whether you are looking to build your first online store this year, or looking for new products to sell in your already established ecommerce business, you can always benefit from becoming well-versed with what’s on trend and what’s slowing down—it is after all one of the things that can lead you to long-term success in online business.

In this article, we are diving right into the trends and product types that can drive your sales and profits up in the year to come.

1.   Home fitness equipment and weightless

Having spent a lot of our time at home recently, there has been a boom in the interest in fitness equipment that people can use at home, from fitness bands, weights, and machines. More people have been attempting to build their own fitness corners at home with affordable and portable gym and fitness equipment to stay fit and form healthy habits during the pandemic.

There are a variety of equipment to choose from and services online that help people get fit and keep the extra pounds off. While you can sell exercise equipment and yoga mats online, take note that many individuals are subscribing and paying for online personal trainers, buying exercise plans, and meal plans from remote trainers and dieticians around the world.

2.   Sweatshirts, hoodies, and loungewear

Comfortable and cozy clothing has garnered even more importance in the recent months, especially during times of lockdown where changing out of your sleepwear in order to face the day became less necessary. Those who paid attention to recent trends will have also noted that athleisure was on the rise, and this trend will continue to carry on as comfortable casual wear reigns supreme in the coming months of 2021.

3.   Home décor

The pandemic has changed the way we live in our homes, as our living spaces have been turned into the workplace, classrooms, gyms, and a place to relax, forcing many of us to redesign and repurpose our space.

Décor and functional home accessories have been booming of late as people also strive to create a more uplifting and organized environment. Being forced to stay at home for months and weeks at a time has made many consumers realize the important of interior design and ecommerce entrepreneurs can help fill the need for fresh home décor.

4.   Kitchenware

The interest in kitchen and bake ware has been gaining ground as many consumers take up cooking and baking as hobbies. Stuck at home, consumers are stocking up on the basics and also treating themselves to nifty new appliance upgrades.

During the pandemic, people have been rediscovering the pleasures of cooking, as restaurants have closed down, or operate at smaller capacities. People are trying to recreate their favorite dishes and even trying out something new, prompting the need for new kitchenware and appliances. It’s also worth noting that, in this time, people have been stocking up on home coffee making essentials, since trips to cafes are becoming more infrequent.

5.   Personal protective equipment

Probably the greatest concern at the forefront of people’s minds in recent months has been health and persona protection. Today, face masks, hand hygiene, and other personal protective equipment is a daily concern and necessity.

Many consumers are going online to source their need for personal protective equipment, for instance, their needs for masks of different styles, fabrics, and function.  

Other essentials such as hand sanitizers, in mini containers and in bulk, are also selling quite steadily, along with surface disinfectants, and other protective equipment such as face shields.

6.   Wireless chargers

Although wireless chargers were first announced and talked about back in 2012, wireless charging devices have only made themselves more readily available on the market recently. While slower than USB chargers, there is no denying the convenience of a wireless charging pad—especially if they support multiple devices.

Imagine charging your phone and your smartwatch simultaneously, without the need for multiple USB charging devices. You could be at your desk at work or in bed, and when you aren’t using your phone, you can just put it down on your wireless charging pad for some juice. If you are running an online tech shop or a shop dedicated to nifty accessories, then you might want to add wireless charging to your collection of items for sale.

7.   Solar energy

Keeping in line with eco-friendly trends, many people are turning to solar energy because of its long term benefit in terms of savings, and also because solar power is an environmentally friendly, renewable resource.

Solar power provides clean and sustainable energy, and while not everyone can afford to mount their homes or businesses with solar panels, there are a number of commodities on the market that run on solar power. Gadgets like solar powered powerbanks, solar garden and indoor lights, solar powered Bluetooth speakers, and more are powering people’s lives.

The global search volume on solar energy remains high and will continue to be steady as people’s awareness on the finite nature of fossil fuels increases.

8.   Computer/ Tech accessories

Many consumers have had to transition to working and studying from home, which means a greater demand for office supplies and, of course, tech essentials. The categories within computer accessories are vast, from printers needed for homework, to higher quality webcams and headphones for better Zoom meetings.

To improve the quality of life at home, many consumers are also investing in tech for entertainment, such as movie projectors, or console gaming accessories, and getting upgrades to their devices.

9.   Work from home furniture

Since many consumers have had to make the transition to working and studying from home, there is a greater demand for home furniture and accessories to make working and studying from home more comfortable.

To improve the quality of work-from-home life, consumers have been fueling the greater demand for desks, office chairs, and even office-related tech to make those long hours more comfortable and zoom meetings more professional.

10. Nail care

Nail care has always been a popular category in ecommerce, but as nail salons have shut down or are opened at a much smaller capacity, DIY home manicure sets and tools have shot up in popularity. Consumers at home have been treating themselves to small indulgences, including nail care. In fact, many women report that DIY nail care can be soothing and therapeutic in these trying times.

For ecommerce entrepreneurs who are in the beauty and self care industry, this year may be a good time to offer your customers a plethora of new nail kits, UV gel curing lamps, and treatments.


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There you have it, while other categories may have taken a hit, these are the 10 categories that have boomed and are continuing to perform well as a direct response to the unique circumstances brought about by the pandemic. Make sure to keep up with the trends and product types that can drive your sales and profits up in the year to come.


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