Ecommerce Pro has developed a free Shopify App Comparison Tool and app directory. The Comparison Tool is designed to allow any Shopify merchant, expert, and store owner to compare different Shopify Apps easily and efficiently, offering a sophisticated solution to finding the perfect Shopify app.

Moreover, this tool not only helps Shopify merchants, it also helps app developers connect with even more customers for their app, making it a valuable resource for both merchants and app developers alike.

The app directory and Comparison Tool are simple and easy to use. The tool we developed allows the user to compare two or more apps side by side, allowing you to select the pertinent app categories and see and compare an app’s top features, user ratings, price, and so much more, helping you make informed decisions a lot faster.

By offering an essential overview of each app's key attributes, the Ecommerce Pro Shopify AppComparison Tool facilitates a streamlined discovery and decision-making process for merchants, enabling them to select the most suitable apps for their specific needs. It was truly developed to be “The easy way to find the perfect Shopify App”.

Additionally, app developers enjoy greater visibility and the opportunity to showcase their app's unique features and capabilities to a wider audience.

In essence, Ecommerce Pro's tool serves as a bridge, enhancing the relationship between Shopify merchants and app developers with our dynamic Shopify AppComparison Tool.

In this article, we explore Ecommerce Pros Shopify AppComparison Tool and how it can benefit Shopify AppDevelopers, namely through our Free Account and Premium Account programs for Shopify AppDevelopers. Below we explore the difference between both of our offerings.


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Free Account vs Premium

Shopify App Comparison Premium

Free App Listing

The Free Subscription offered by Ecommerce Pro's App Comparison Tool for Shopify App developers provides the foundational and essential set of features for developers looking to establish a presence on the App Comparison Tool platform.

With this subscription, developers can create a basic app listing profile, allowing you to showcase your app to visitors of the Ecommerce Pro website.

A Free Subscription allows you to list your app’s features and provide a concise overview for potential users. You can display the number of reviews and star ratings, as well as your app's main features. Being listed in relevant app categories ensures that the app reaches its target audience, enhancing your app’s discoverability among users seeking specific functionalities within the Ecommerce Pro App Comparison Tool marketplace.

Free Subscription Benefits:

  • Create a basic app listing profile.
  • List app features and integrations.
  • Access to the App Comparison Tool.
  • Display the number of reviews and ratings.
  • Get listed in relevant categories.


Premium App Listing

While the Free Subscription provides essential tools for establishing a presence, the Premium Subscription offers a step up from our base offering, giving you the advantage of additional features in terms of promotional opportunities for developers aiming to further elevate their app's visibility and engagement.

Developers who sign up to be listed under our Premium Subscription can create a far more detailed and compelling app listing profile, allowing you to showcase your app and its unique features with comprehensive and compelling details that will help you get more downloads.

This subscription level allows app developers to include multimedia resources like screenshots for a more detailed profile, and include a button for users to view the app demo stores, thereby allowing potential users to experience the app more closely. Not to mention, a Premium Subscription allows you to capture leads with a special contact form.

Moreover, premium subscribers receive an SEO backlink to their website, enhancing your app's discoverability on search engines and driving organic traffic. Additionally, the ability to list app pricing and offers allows developers to communicate their value proposition more effectively.

The Premium Subscription also gives your app the opportunity to be featured in high-ranking blog articles on the Ecommerce Pro Blog, providing additional exposure from our blog’s regular traffic. In addition, we offer a 50% discount on App User Testing, which is a cost-effective way to gather valuable feedback and earn a "tested" badge for your app that brings added credibility.

In essence, the Premium Subscription for Ecommerce Pro’s App Comparison Tool is designed to empower app developers further with a comprehensive toolkit, enabling them to not only establish a presence but also stand out and thrive within the competitive landscape of Shopify and Shopify Apps.

Premium Subscription Benefits (Includes all Free benefits plus):

  • Receive an SEO backlink to your website
  • Add a button to view your app demo
  • Capture leads with a contact form
  • Add multimedia & screenshots
  • List your app pricing & offers
  • Get featured in high-ranking blog articles
  • Get a 50% discount on App User Testing (tested badge)

 Get Listed in our Shopify AppComparison Tool and take your Shopify App profile to the next level.


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Ecommerce Pro’s Shopify AppComparison Tool stands as a valuable resource, not just for Shopify Merchants looking for the best Shopify Apps, but also for Shopify App developers who wish to boost their app’s reach and rank. The platform simplifies the complex process of app selection by providing a sophisticated Comparison Tool and directory. For Shopify merchants, it streamlines the discovery and decision-making process. For app developers, the tool serves as a gateway to even better visibility and connection with your target user base.

Whether you choose a Free Account or a Premium Account, you’ll get to showcase your app's fundamental features, whereas the Premium Account gets you further with better marketing tools and details, allowing you to create a compelling app profile designed to give your Shopify App a boost towards success.


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