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We target established businesses and private labels that plan on launching online. When you launch an online business, you have the option of building a custom made design which goes through the stages of design, wire-frames, and development or go for the option of a premium theme.

Custom design is ideal for existing mature businesses, the cost is higher and the timelines are longer. For businesses that are new and have not been mature selling online, your best option is a premium theme.

A premium theme is a pre-built approved design by Shopify that has all the features you need to launch online. The cost of setting this up is fixed and timelines are shorter.

Hiring us would save you time, effort, and errors in building your store. You'll get advice on product management, payments, shipping, and much more.

The best part is that every merchant is entitled to training on how to use Shopify!

Our Team

Founded by Abbas brothers with combined years of experience in Retail, Research, E-Commerce & Finance from Deloitte, Philip Morris International & Thomson Reuters. Remote work is the core foundation of our culture. We are available in almost every time zone across world!

Ali Abbas
shopify expert
Bilal Abbas
Project Specialist
Karim Abbas
Ecommerce strategist
Bella Piccioli
content analyst

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